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Sands Constellation Theatre @ FHPAC

Fund raising is underway! Your donations are vital so we can continue to move forward! 
Thank You!
Fort Hill Performing Arts Center, Inc  (FHPAC) is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Donations may be tax deductible. For questions and information about charitable organizations in New York State phone 518-486-9797. or visit
FHPAC, Inc NYS Charities Office registration number is 46-06-73.

Executive Director
Please leave message if no answer!

Information for all users of the FHPAC
Information for all users of the FHPAC

This is your invitation to participate in the use of your community performing arts facility! We are ready to accept your proposals and will get together with you to plan out your project.

This package contains a lot of the vital information that will allow you to begin planning.

You may use the facility once or submit a series of dates throughout the year or a season when you would like to use the areas you need.

  • With our commitment comes a fully equipped facility ready to use.  “Lights, Sound, Curtain” and there you are! 
  • With your commitment your event will be included in our weekly advertising and promotional blasts in the region.  We have media access to up to 180,000 contacts.  Even the smallest event will get the same exposure.
  • Our printed ads reach up to 145,000 readers.
  • You will be supported by inserting your event into our annual program book.
  • Our concessions program (including wine and beer sales when appropriate) help keep your costs down.  
  • Snacks and a light menu can be available for your event.
  • Catering services can facilitate corporate events, dinners, weddings, lunch meetings, any way you need it.

And the show must go on!
Whether it’s theatre, dance, music, opera, stand-up comedy or a movie, the staff is ready make sure your production is complete, tickets are sold, and your show is
ready to open.
If you use scenery and platforming, you’ll need to get it done before you arrive. We’d like to limit on-stage construction to assembly and touch-up.  We’ll bug you for light plots and sound cues early on! If you need someone to create those for you, we’ll be here. 
We will also discuss ticket pricing and the cost of services tailored to your needs.  We will always work with sponsors so your out-of-pocket expenses stay as low as possible. So please let us hear from you soon.  Let the fun begin!

Call with questions: 585-412-6043 or email:

Please download these pages for your reference by clicking on the header.  This will answer a lot of your questions about the facility, available spaces, equipment and services.  Please call or email us with any questions.