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Sands Constellation Theatre @ FHPAC

Fund raising is underway! Your donations are vital so we can continue to move forward! 
Thank You!

Fort Hill Performing Arts Center, Inc  (FHPAC) is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Donations may be tax deductible. For questions and information about charitable organizations in New York State phone 518-486-9797. or visit
FHPAC, Inc NYS Charities Office registration number is 46-06-73.

FHPAC Can Provide

A great variety of musical and dance groups and small businesses exist in this region.  Some use school and church spaces to practice, rehearse and perform.  This facility can bring the performing groups and businesses together to provide a much needed permanent home. Professional support staff will assist all users in creating their presentations.

The theatre will have a deep stage with overhead fly space and motorized and manual rigging. It will have state of the art lighting and sound systems, video systems and sound shell for concert use. A 6' X 12' Stage lift will provide access from the stage to the house floor and basement level for efficient handling of scenery and production equipment. The lift is large enough to handle our grand piano, recently donated by the Canandaigua City School District. 

Other areas include dressing rooms, a storage area, rehearsal space, box office, public concession area, gallery space and all support areas for a commercial performing arts center. The venue consultants have over 45 years in technical theatre and stage machinery design. The design is state-of-the-art, resulting in a very well equipped, versatile theatre with beautiful historic décor.

The new lobby/gallery area is being designed with the visual arts in mind as well as space for concessions and catering.  Several wall areas for hanging art will be available with display lighting. The area is very adaptable and can be used for small private parties as well as the whole theatre for conventions, conferences, small weddings and events.

The theatre, lobby/gallery, support areas and restrooms are fully accessible to all floors for patrons and users. The facility has HVAC with noise reduction for a performing arts venue for use year-round. New retractable, spacious, comfortable reserved and/or general admission seating for 420 patrons with aisle lighting will be provided. This includes private box seating in the balcony level.


View from the Mezzanine Box Seats.  These Loges have been reserved for donors above a certain level, and provide those donors first right of refusal for any performance.  Box seats may be available to the public if the owners decline their use.  5 boxes are available with 8 seats each.  The mezzanine offers facilities for private catering, has its own restroom, and is accessible via elevator and two stairwells.


View from the stage, showing the 379 orchestra seats and wheel chair access locations.  The new upholstered seats add to the elegance of the refurbished theater.  A technical control station is located in the center at the back.  The mezzanine shows the additional lighting positions to facilitate a great flexibility for lighting the extended forestage (apron).  Lighting positions are also provided on the face of the balcony for certain special effects. Follow spot location is in the booth along with the new projector.  All new lighting fixtures restore the 1928 ambiance throughout the hall.


The inner Lobby and Gallery offers great flexibility as an intermission lobby, art gallery, meeting room, events venue and lounge.  It is separated from the outer entrance lobby and therefore can be used during the day in total privacy.  Track lighting positions facilitate a wide variety of display options and ambiance variation.  The lobby/gallery connects with back stage without going through the audience. 

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