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Sands Constellation Theatre ~ FHPAC

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Fund raising is underway for our capital campaign. Your donations are vital so we can move forward with the construction plans, fund the remodeling and equipment purchases, create marketing and advertising, and pay for operating expenses. 
Thank You!
Fort Hill Performing Arts Center, Inc  (FHPAC) is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Donations may be tax deductible. For questions and information about charitable organizations in New York State phone 518-486-9797. or visit
FHPAC, Inc NYS Charities Office registration number is 46-06-73.

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Holger Stave
Executive Director
Please leave message if no answer!

Fundraising Campaign
Fundraising Campaign

"Help us raise the curtain"

$1,025,000 SPACES
$   872,900 EQUIPMENT

The below indicated amounts will assure naming rights for specified equipment.  These amounts do not necessarily reflect the actual cost of the items.  Donations in any amount are welcome.  All donors will be credited in the FHPAC program whic will be issued for all events, and donors will be permanently listed on the donor wall in our main lobby for all visitors to see.    

   300,000   Inner Lobby/Gallery(+1)
   300,000   Auditorium (+1 Box)
   150,000   Mezzanine (+6 seats)
     75,000   Box Office

   100,000   Audio Sytems**
   100,000   Theatre Organ
     75,000   Digital Sign N. Main**
     70,000   Stage Rigging
     50,000   Sound Shell**
     30,000   Media Projector
     30,000   Catering Equipment
     25,000   Genie Pers Lift**
     25,000   Stage Risers & Carts
     20,000   Office Furniture**
     20,000   Lounge/Gallery Furn.**
     11,000   100 Perf. Chairs**
     10,000   Lighting Pos**
     10,000   Office Equipmt**
     10,000   Ticketing System**
     10,000   Liquor License Suppt
     10,000   Concession Tables etc
       8,000   Phone System**
       6,500   Black Rolled Dance Fl
       4,000   Custodial Equipmt**
       2,000   Comm. Dishwasher
       2,000   Ice Machine
       2,000   Laundry

**Urgently required for Opening!!!

All donors will be shown on our donor wall in the main lobby, and will be listed in our program for every event in the facility.

Naming rights donors will have their names displayed in or on the designated space or equipment.

The seat purchases will be recognized with a plaque on the back of the audience chair.

We greatly appreciate all donors and all types of contributions made toward the success of this fabulous project!


Sands Constellation Theatre
            at Fort Hill Performing Arts Center

It is the mission of the Fort Hill Performing Arts Center, Inc. to provide a multi-use theatre for performance and exhibition of all forms of performing and visual arts, as well as to further the talents of the artists. This beautifully renovated mid-size commercial performing arts center is for use by our surrounding Finger Lakes communities. The theatre is fully equipped to facilitate a very wide range of productions and users. The goal is to make it affordable for all users.
Renovations are in process!  Tours of the facility must be arranged well in advance by contacting Mr. Stave at 585-412-6043 during regular business hours.
The temporary office is now open at 5297 Parkside Drive, Suite 306C (Box17)
Call 585-412-6043 or email

Please send donations to FHPAC, Inc, PO Box 882, Canandaigua, NY  14424

The community fund raising drive is now under way.  With the main construction and remodeling budget raised, the theatre now requires specific items such as seats and rigging, sound system, chairs, sound shell and more to function.  The communty's support needs to give the theatre this money to "help us raise the curtain" and make this venue the best we can provide!  
Donations may be made with the button on the left, mailed to 20Fort Hill Avenue, Canandaigua, NY  14424, or transferred directly through Canandaigua National Bank into the FHPAC account with FLACE.  The Board of Fort Hill Performing Arts Center, Inc thanks you for your generous support!


The Plan

The theatre is located in the existing (1928 Academy Annex) Fort Hill Apartments complex, at the corner of Main Street and Fort Hill Avenue. The address is 20 Fort Hill Avenue, Canandaigua, NY, 14424.  The housing complex is owned by Conifer Realty, LLC.

This space is for organizations in the arts to have a professional level production facility. Artists of all disciplines may present their skills at reasonable expenditure.  Trained support staff will support productions in this desirable and attractive space. The  venue will bring in audiences from the surrounding Finger Lakes region as well as the residents of the apartment complex, and tourists that will shop local businesses and utilize hospitality establishments.  The economic impact of this facility within the community will be considerable.  

The New Look

The new-look auditorium will serve as an anchor location for the performing arts! FHPAC will be a well-equipped theatre with state-of-the-art lighting, sound and rigging.  
It will be designed for performances by orchestras, chamber groups, bands, dance, dramatic and musical theatre productions, instructional programs, recitals, demonstrations, presentations, conferences and ceremonies.

The new inner Lobby/Gallery is designed to serve as a lobby/lounge during productions, and a gallery for visual arts exhibits. This space can host corporate meetings, dinners, wedding receptions, and small gatherings.  Namig rights for this area are still available!

Final rendering of the Stage of the Sands Constellation Theatre

Final rendering of the House of the Sands Constellation Theatre

Final rendering of the Lobby/Gallery of the Sands Constellation Theatre

The renovation and construction of the project is being provided by the building complex owners' construction division, Conifer-LeChase. The theatre will be owned and managed by FHPAC,Inc,  a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.
The Sands-Constellation Theatre will hold abot 420 patrons, which includes 5 loge boxes in the Mezzanine (naming right available) each containing 8 seats.  The loges have donor sponsors, but may be offered to the public with the donor's permission.  The 379 new seats on the main floor are generously spaced and arranged to conform to modern needs and standards.  Some of the front rows will be removable to permit use of that space for orchestras to accompany musical and ballet performances.  A lift platform in the down-stage center of the stage will give access to the basement for transporting equipment or re-positioning to provide flexibility of access to the stage, a location for the theatre organ console, and many other opportunities.  The apron (front of the stage) will be extended six (6) feet towards the audience for a 29' total depth.  With a 33'-10" proscenium opening, and 18' of height the Estey Family Stage can host a fabulous variey of productions. 
The fully renovated Mary and George Hamlin Main Entrance and Lobby will also access a new box office which will offer the sale of tickets for any and all community organizations who wish to participate.  The large donor wall will be located in the main lobby, visible to all visitors to all events.
The completely new inner lobby (under the balcony part of the auditorium)(naming right available) will be a large space that can be used for meetings, corporate events, catered lunches or dinners, weddings and other gatherings. This area is also equipped with lighting and picture hanging rails to facilitate extensive visual arts exhibits.  Movable display panels will be availbale.
The lower level will be remodeled to include the spacious accessible access Entrance Gallery (naming right available) which will lead directly to the newly refurbished Canandaigua Rotary Club Elevator. On this same level is the Terwilliger Family Canandaigua Performing Arts Gallery where permanent and traveling exhibits of the Fort Hill and Canandaigua Theatre history will be housed. New restrooms will also be constructed at this level. This level will be reached by the spacious stairs in the main entrance. 
The lower level will also contain a 22' x 30' multi-purpose space which can be used as dressing rooms, rehearsal space, classroom, studio etc. 
Many more details about the various spaces and available equipment can be found on our VENUE page.

In Process
Contact us
Fort Hill Performing Arts Center
20 Fort Hill Ave.
PO Box 882
Canandaigua, NY 14424